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ATM ISO Program

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  • Life Time Residual Income
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  • No Cost - No Monthly Minimums

Our ATM ISO reseller program allows ISO’s that are promoting merchant services the ability to promote ATM products and services to both their new and existing merchants. Most companies offering merchant services simply don’t know the exact details or the type of revenue that can be generated by promoting ATM services. Our program will allow you and your staff the ability to sell and offer the same exact programs we offer on our site all while generating life time residuals along the way.


Below is a brief description as to how our ATM ISO reseller program works:

At ATM Experts, we offer four basic programs.

  • Free ATM Placements – This is a turnkey solution for any type of busy location.
  • 50 – 50 Placements – We use our ATM and the location uses their cash. We split the surcharge revenue.
  • Purchase or Lease– Choose from the largest selection of ATMs with wholesale prices.
  • ATM Processing – Most companies charge for processing, we do not, but you still make money.

You and your sales staff can now generate residual income as well as up front commissions in multiple ways by promoting our ATM reseller services.

As an ATM ISO, you will be able to resell our all our services. Below is a brief description of each of our services as well as a few examples of how each program works in the real world.

Free ATM Placement Program:

The number one way to generate long term residual income as an ATM ISO is to identify and secure high traffic locations to place free ATMs. You are able to place ATMs at no cost to the merchant all while still being able to offer the merchant a percentage of the surcharge revenue. If the location qualifies, your company would make a percentage of the surcharge revenue generated from each transaction. To give you an idea of the type of surcharge revenue you can make, let me provide you with a real world example:

Let us first start by saying that on all “Free Placements”, ATM Experts must always receive a minimum of $1.75 per transaction on a minimum of 175 transactions per month, per location. Let’s say you have a location that qualifies for a free placement, and let’s say we place a new ATM and set the surcharge at $2.75. The only thing we require is that we receive a minimum of $1.75 of every transaction. That leaves $1.00 left over in this case. In most cases though, the merchant is willing to take anywhere from $.25 - $.75 per transaction which would leave you and your organization with $.75 - $.25 per transaction. Total monthly transactions on free placements range from 175 transactions to over 5,000+ transactions per month. That gives you the potential to make great residual monies on each ATM pleased. Not too bad considering you have no investment, no liability, and nothing to do after the sale.

How does a location qualify for a free ATM placement?

The best way to qualify a location is to simply look at their foot traffic; their customers base, and if there is any reason for their customers or their walk by traffic to need cash. A good general rule of thumb to remember is that 2% - 4% of the people that see an ATM will use it. So in order to hit our minimum of 175 monthly transactions, the location would need to have at least 200 – 300 people a day going through the location.

50% - 50% Placement:

The second best way to generate revenue as an ATM ISO is to offer our 50% - 50% program to merchants that want to make more of the surcharge revenue. Or to merchants that may not qualify for a free placement, but will qualify for a 50% - 50% placement.

The best way to qualify a location for a 50-50 is again to look at their daily foot traffic and to see if there is a need for an ATM. So, using the same rule of thumb as mention above, it will still come down to traffic count and customer base in order to reach the minimum of 175 transactions per month.

ATM Purchase | Lease

Even though we pass on our actual costs on ATM equipment for any merchant that wants to buy an ATM through us, you can still make monthly residual income by setting up and maintaining the transaction processing for their new ATM.

With a purchase, there isn’t a reason to qualify the location. We simply help the merchant choose the right machine for their location, have the machine programmed and shipped to their location. Help the merchant get the machine installed (having the ATM bolted to the ground) and we will be there to answer any questions and help train them on the day to day functions of maintaining a highly profitable ATM.  

Free ATM Processing:

If a merchant already owns an ATM and needs ATM transaction processing, as an ATM ISO, you will be able to offer that service free of charge to the merchant. All most all companies charge to process transactions for the merchant, but we do not. Once the processing is set up for that particular merchant, you will still make residual revenue from setting up and maintaining their transaction processing.

Below is a list of documents that will be needed each time a customer is set up. Once these documents are reviewed, signed, and returned to us, your job is complete. From that point, we will then handle the day to day operations with each customer and to ensure they have everything they need to maintain their new ATM.

Free ATM placements:

  • Free ATM placement questionnaire – This must be filled out completely in order to qualify a location.
  • ATM Placement Agreement - Current term is 5 years. This can be as low as 2 years if needed to secure the location.
  • W9 – This is needed on file if the location receives a percentage of the surcharge revenue.

If the location / merchant wants to purchase an ATM:

  • ATM Processing Agreement – This is when a merchant purchases a machine and we are processing for them.
  • Merchant Participation Agreement – This is required by the Govt. for any merchant using his own funds to fill the machines.
  • W9

Use these documents for 50% - 50% placements:

  • Free ATM placement questionnaire – This must be filled out completely in order to qualify a location for a 50 50.
  • 50 – 50 placement agreement
  • Merchant Participation Agreement – This is required by the Govt. for any merchant using his own funds to fill the machine.
  • W9 - This is needed on file if the location receives a percentage of the surcharge revenue.

ATM ISO Reseller:

  • Standard ISO agreement – Agreement between you and us. A new agreement must be signed for each location.
  • W9 on file
  • Current pricing for Hyosung and Triton ATM machines.

TO GET STARTED, BECOME AN ATM ISO TODAY: Please use the submission form to get started.



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