How Free Placement Works:

After submitting the “ Do You Qualify ?” questionnaire, you will be contacted by one of our ATM Placement Specialist to discuss the details of our free ATM placement program. They will discuss and elaborate on the following details:

  1st step - Does your location qualify?

Does your business averages more than 500 customer per day? Or do you have a large amount of foot traffic walking by your location? If you answered yes to either one, then in most cases, your location will qualify for a free ATM placement.

Once qualified, you will be asked to review, sign, and fax the following forms to start the process.

  2nd step – Paperwork

  • Site Lease Agreement

The “Site Lease” is a one (1) page agreement outlining our agreement. It basically states that you are allowing us to place the ATM at your location in exchange for a percentage of the surcharge revenue. It also states that we will handle everything at our expense.

  • Exhibit A:

This is used to draw a diagram of your location and to place an “X” where the ATM is to be installed.

  • Exhibit B:

On this form, you only need to put your contact info.

  • Exhibit C:

Exhibit C is the ACH form that allows us to have your surcharge revenue deposited directly to your account.

   3rd step – What we need you to provide.

We need you to provide a dedicated 110 power outlet, as well a dedicated phone line with-in 3 feet of where the ATM is to be placed.

Once complete, we will immediately expedite the shipping of your new ATM. Once the ATM is its way, we will make arrangements to have the ATM installed the day it arrives. Once installed, cash will be delivered by armored car with-in 24 hrs.

Once your new ATM machine is up and running, sit back and enjoy all the benefits of having your own free ATM placement. If you have any questions regarding what to expect, please feel free to e-mail us at .