50/50 ATM Machine Partnership

50/50 ATM Machine Partnership

How ATM Partnership Works

50/50 ATM Machine Partnership is best suited for medium to high traffic locations (200 – 500+ visitors a day), or simply for the business owner that wants to try out the ATM business. This option is very similar to owning your own ATM except in this case. We split all the costs with you right down the middle. It's like going into the ATM business with a partner that already knows what to do and what not to do. It can be a great learning experience, as well as an eye opening experience. Especially when you see what type of revenue an ATM machine can generate…..That's what we call, "Getting bit by the bug".

How much cash do you need to keep an ATM machine full?
(Less than you might think!)

The way it works is this: ATM Experts agrees to partner with you 50 – 50 on your new ATM. All costs associated with your new ATM will be split right down the middle. When partnering up with us, you are able to take advantage of our experience in the ATM industry. You will benefit from our wholesale ATM pricing, transaction processing, as well replacement parts and supplies. You will be fully trained on how to operate your new ATM as well as understand how the entire process works. The only obligation you have is to ensure there is an adequate amount of cash in the ATM to maintain continuous operation at all times.

You might wonder how much cash you need in order to keep the ATM full of cash. (see chart above)

  • No Costs - No Liability
  • Fast ATM Deployment & Setup

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