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Tidel 3100 ATM Machine

The Model 3100 ATM machine from Tidel is engineered to provide a value priced, low-cost, high reliability cash dispenser. It includes a wealth of features that are usually available only in higher end models.

With its UL 'Listed' vault, Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) and Triple DES (3DES) compliance, the 3100 provides you with the security you have come to expect from Tidel ATMs. Tidel has also streamlined the 3100's depth footprint to free up additional valuable floor space.

The 3100 is a versatile platform which includes the MCDM III dispenser that allows for future expandability in the field while minimizing upgrade costs. It is clear to see why the 3100 is the leader in features and value in the retail ATM market.

Pricing Details:

PLEASE NOTE: Upgrade Are Available Upon Request. | All Leases Have A $1.00 Buyout Option.

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Tidel 3400 ATM Machine

The first thing you'll notice about the Model 3400 is the vibrant 10.4" color display. With twice the resolution of any dial-up cash dispensing mechanism in the market, this spectacular display is only one of the added value features of Tidel's newest, most innovative ATM.

The 3400 comes standard with the Tidel Cash Dispensing Mechanism (TCDM) which offers field expandability from 1 to 4 cassettes at a significantly reduced cost. This dispenser is based on market proven dispenser technologies and can easily be upgraded in the field to offer up to 4 high-capacity cassettes. With the addition of services such as CashWorks check cashing, PaySpot prepaid wireless and WU@ATM wire transfer, the need has never been greater to have the scalability to upgrade your cash dispenser capacity.

Additional features such as constant monitoring and logging of vault access, Encrypting PIN Pads (EPP) and Triple DES (3DES) compliance make the 3400 a leader in ATM security. The 3400 also complies with all existing and currently proposed Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations, and includes standard hardware for private audio transactions.

Extend your ATM investment into the future with the ability to upgrade your 3400 to Tidel's 3600 CE-based ATM platform, as demand for processor intensive applications grows.

Pricing Details:

PLEASE NOTE: Upgrade Are Available Upon Request. | All Leases Have A $1.00 Buyout Option.

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Tidel 3600 ATM Machine

In the ever-changing world of value added services you need an ATM platform that is capable of growing with you and providing the performance and features that this consumer driven market demands. Introducing the 3600. This value priced ATM system provides you with the industry leading features that you have come to expect from our 3400 model and combines them with an Intel XScale® Platform that allows for a variety of applications developed in Windows CE.

Standard features include a Intel XScale Processor running at 400 Mhz, 64 MB of on-board memory and a Compact Flash Card Port that allows for quicker transfer of data for upgrading system software, transaction graphics and electronic journals. The 3600 comes standard with the Tidel TCDM field expandable dispenser. The TCDM dispenser can be cost-effectively field upgraded as transaction volume grows at a location or additional applications are added such as check cashing.

Tidel has developed a complete sidecar solution for the 3600 if the need arises to expand the boundaries of the ATM. By adding peripherals such as bill validator components, money order capabilities or card dispensers, your ATM can become a financial Kiosk that brings convenience to your customers and additional revenue to your business.

Pricing Details:

PLEASE NOTE: Upgrade Are Available Upon Request. | All Leases Have A $1.00 Buyout Option.

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Tidel 3700 ATM Machine

Your location may not serve 24/7, but that doesn't mean your customers can't have access to cash. The 3700 was designed to provide financial institutions and retailers the convenience of 24-hour access to cash in a secure and affordable platform. This fully-weatherized ATM has been certified under UL 291 for outdoor deployment and conforms to all current and proposed ADA specifications. Security features include and Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) with 3DES and the option to upgrade to UL 291 Level 1 vaults.

The 3700's rear-loaded dispenser provides ample note capacity and room to grow in the future (up to 4 cassettes). Other features include a stainless steel surround, a 10.4-inch color LCD display, metalized keypad, multi-position rear maintenance touchscreen control, and both TCP/IP and dial-up communications.

Pricing Details:

PLEASE NOTE: Upgrade Are Available Upon Request. | All Leases Have A $1.00 Buyout Option.

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